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Yeah, so I moved. You may have known me as apolysine @ LJ once upon a time, and then as polyonymous when I attempted to shake some stalkers far too interested co-workers off from my rather fannish internet existence. I'm actually pondering changing this account name to polyonymous too, just for consistency's sake. The blog I actually post random, fannish, day-to-day stuff lives here, if anyone cares and I've got an AO3 as well if you prefer that format.

Anyway - FIC! This way. :)

* Bleach
* Gankutsuou
* Starfighter
* Tsubasa
* Holic
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So, this was supposed to be finished by Tanabata, but it wasn't. I suppose a solid month late is better than never. ._. Technically set during the first episode of second season, but I left out all that pesky time-travel stuff to play around with the holiday theme. ^^; I don't even think there are any first season spoilers, beyond the basic premise. Big thanks to [personal profile] amaeli for the beta. :)

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Aug. 6th, 2009 01:09 pm
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The "You Should Write" Meme!

My thread lives here.

Ok guys, help me out here. I have way too much junk in my head, and I'm not writing anything. This is unacceptable. Command me! I think a good prompt is just what I need to kick my ass into doing something productive.
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So this is...

I don't even know. I'm only up to the beginning of July in Persona 3, but lord, is Bebe ever asking for it and no one seems to ever write about him. So here you go. I used the main character's name from the manga, Arisato Minato.

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A Starfighter ficlet, because I love HamletMachine page 43 made me want to hit Abel over the head. xD

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