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This was written for [ profile] smokexscribbles' genius prompt over at [ profile] doumekiwatanuki, and got out of hand very quickly - nearly four pages before I knew it. The instructions were simple: Open the closest book at hand to page 104 and create an AU based on its contents. The first book I found (that I had actually read, and therefore felt competent to use) was Caitlin R. Kiernan's Frog Toes & Tentacles. Page 104 falls in the middle of a short story called "Ode to Katan Amano," that touches on what it means to be human from the perspective of an android obsessed with a doll.

I don't know if I should post this to the comm or not. -_-; I'm sure it's been done before, probably many times, much better than this. Still, I like how it turned out, so I'm keeping it around.

Value Engineering )
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Set during episode 18, just as the boys return from the Hyakkiyakou. I can't decide if this fic is a loose prequel to Web or not; regardless, both pieces stand on their own as they are.

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A wee little xxxHolic ficlet set just after the confrontation in Episode 23.  This was originally posted as a response to another ficlet over at [ profile] amaeli's place, but I revised it to stand alone.

Phantom )
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One shot xxxHolic: Kei angstfic set near the end of episode 12.

Web )

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